KOREA EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION CENTER(KEIC) offers the accurate and recent information appropriate to your need for your studying abroad on the basis of worldwide networks of information. KEIC was originally established in the name of MLA Korea in April, 1980. Then MLA Korea's name was changed to ILS Korea Co., Ltd. in March, 1983. Then ILS Korea Co., Ltd.'s name was changed to Korea Educational Information Center(KEIC) in 1987. Until now, for 30 years, KEIC has helped about 20,000 students seeking for studying abroad to obtain PhD. Master or Bachelor Degree or to have language training in 17 countries, and also KEIC helps you the full process of studying abroad perfectly from individual counseling, selection of colleges and universities, application for admission, passport and visa procedure to departure from Korea.

1. Counseling and Full Service
▶ Countries : United States of American, Canada, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, German, France, Swiss, Austria, Italy, Spain, South Africa and so on.
▶ Contents of full services
Counseling - Selecting of Colleges and University, Placement Universities - Applying for admission - Passport Processing - Visa Processing - Departure Arrangement

2 Partial Service
▶ Filling out Application form for Admission.
▶ Study Plan / Autobiography / Letter of Recommendation
▶ Translation and Preparation of all kinds of documents for studying abroad

3 Visa Procedure
▶ Translation and Preparation of necessary document, interview guide

4 Pre-departure Orientation
▶ An expert of full local life experience's various guidance information of local life to the applicants

5 Translation of all kinds of English documents

6 Seminar
▶ Held more than once a month
▶ Seminar will be announced through daily newspaper,internet and magazine in Korea.

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